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Caemmerer Lenz

Strong in the region and strong with cross-border links

We are a team of over 50 lawyers, public auditors and tax consultants based in Basel, Karlsruhe and Erfurt acting as consultants and representatives for and pledging our expertise and commitment to the needs of our clients.

Our law practices are integrated in the local environment and well-versed in local custom and practice so that we can act with assured expertise and focus on the aims and interests of our clients. Given the partnership relations between the practices of our cross-border group and our membership in the European Eurojuris network, we can offer our clientele advice on issues at home and abroad with rapid access to solutions throughout Europe.

The interdisciplinary interactions between all our professional groups guarantee wide-ranging counselling and representation in legal, taxation and business management issues alike. Concept-orientated teams organised in practice groups ensure that work is processed smoothly while remaining at all times geared to the specific requirements of our clientele.

Clients can always retain their usual contact in the firm even if specialists and teamwork are necessary. In this respect we operate differently from major practices and smaller law firms.

Acting as personal lawyers to clients, we combine the advantages of the individual and confidential adviser with the benefits obtainable from a specialised and, where applicable, cross-border team.

The involvement of public auditors and tax consultants creates the conditions for broad-based tax structuring reflecting all business management and taxation aspects - from company starts ups through company restructuring to the development of solutions for effective company succession.

The notary’s office in Basel provides a cost-effective contract notarisation service for German clients as well.